Do You Want To See A Miracle

Good morning!

Life is like a gift they say, wrapped up for you every day.

I started my day off with one of my favorite inspirations: Sarah McLachlan’s Ordinary Miracle from the movie Charlotte’s Web.  For about a year I listened to this song every morning as a reminder that miracles happen and dreams do come true.  It was nice to reconnect with an “old friend” today and be inspired.

Then I thought, maybe someone else out there could use a little miracle today.

And, what could be more colorful than the beautiful voice of Sarah, the “pinkness” of a pig, and warm childhood memories?  Not to mention talking animals…

When you wake up everyday, please don’t throw your dreams away. Hold them close to your heart.

It seems so exceptional that things just work out after all.  Just another ordinary miracle today.

Do you want to see a miracle?