An Ideal Ideal Day…Comes To Life!

I’m fascinated by the brain.  Sometimes I forget how amazing it is and I think it gets annoyed so it finds some way to show off and remind me.  I got a reminder recently while working through the Artists Way.

The Best Task EVER

Week 8, Task #7

YIPEE!!! I get to dream, envision, WRITE my Ideal Ideal Day. Bells were ringing, angels were singing and I was IN! I turned on my iTunes, selected a Sarah Brightman mix and settled in with my notebook and favorite pen to write my PERFECT day.

I had a four page beautiful day. It involved photography, painting, eating, nature, play and music. It was, of course, ideally perfect. I didn’t write specifically where this day took place, I didn’t have to. I saw that in my mind as I wrote. It was like I was there. I could see the color, smell the breeze and feel the passion. I was on Martha’s Vineyard, of course. My ideal, ideal, perfect, perfect, dreamy, dreamy place to be.

Feeling positively warm, mushy, and glowing from Task 7, I moved on to Task 8.

Week 8, Task #8

Allow yourself to live one aspect of your Ideal Ideal Day.

It’s Winter, the worst Winter EVER mind you, in NYC. It was early evening, dark and that “worst winter ever” situation has me hibernating like a bear!  No photography. I’d never actually painted anything and didn’t have any supplies. So, I warmly, mushy, glowingly just went about my night. “I’ll do something tomorrow”.

My Brain Shows Off

For weeks I had been thinking about laying putting some of my favorite rocks on a picture ledge but just hadn’t done it. As I was digging through my “rock vase” for my favorite treasures from around the world and placing them on the ledge I stopped. Caught in a moment of realization…

I’m LIVING part of my Ideal Ideal Day! Right here. Right now. In Brooklyn, NY. Every warm, mushy, glowing part of me!

The Subconscious Took Over

I didn’t write about it. It wasn’t specific. It was completely subconscious.

My favorite spot on Martha’s Vineyard is Aquinnah.

Last Summer I finally made it past the overlook down to the beach. It was even BETTER than I expected. Along the cliff line are these magical rock sculptures. Created by regular beach goers like you and me. Here are some shots I took while hanging out there with friends just before sunset.

This one looks like a guardian angel of the sea.

This is my friend Nancy’s rock sculpture. She’s very creative!

A Little MV in the BK

When I stopped at that moment I realized that I was creating my own little piece of Aquinnah right in my living room!

{Art: Water Colors Amethyst }

The rocks on my ledge were becoming little sculptures of their own.

{Art: Water Colors Elegance}

My Ideal Ideal Day in My Ideal Ideal Place Came Home

My brain was sending me a little gift. A reminder of the place I love. Creating a little of the artistic sparkle I feel when I’m on the Vineyard. Surrounding me with the incredible creativity that exists everywhere, especially on the beach on an Ideal Ideal Day.

Thank you brain! You’re so, well, IDEAL!