Creative Color Expands: I’m Gonna Have to Wash My Brushes!!!

My creative color adventures are about to expand.  If you’ve visited melissaAnne Colors Gallery you’ve seen the quote from Shannon Grissom about my photography.  “You paint with your camera, which means you never have to wash your brushes.”

Well, that’s ALL about to change.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to Pearl, the art and craft store on Canal Street in NYC, to buy acrylic paints, paint brushes, and a few canvases.

That’s right, I’m learning to PAINT!

I’ve always been intrigued by paints, paint brushes, and the art of painting.  It seems like a magical process to me.  A cold, white canvas becomes a colorful vision and inspiring story at the hand of the artist.  In my head, this is the stuff of miracles.

As a child I was fascinated by my Great Aunt Nieta who was a painter.  When I was growing up I often heard my mom say, “Some day I’m going to learn to paint.”

Seeing my Aunt’s art and hearing my mom dream of painting excited me…and terrified me.  I’m not sure why it terrified me (other than this voice in my head that seemed to shout, “who are you kidding, you’d never be able to paint anything.”).

Well, “voice”, starting this week I’m learning to paint with Creatively Fit’s Painting Made Easy!  Creatively Fit isn’t just about learning to paint.  It’s about embracing change in your life and learning more about yourself.  I’m opening up to something new.  I’m stretching my creative side.  I’m opening the door and graciously greeting “change” with open arms!  Oh, and “voice”, in case you wondered:  It feels AMAZING!

I’ll keep you posted on my world-famous painting career launch progress.  I’m not expecting any Van Gogh moments but I am expecting to learn a lot about myself and have new fun with COLOR.

If you’ve always wanted to paint check out the Painting Made Easy program at Creatively Fit.  Whitney will teach you how to paint and as she said last week:  “Fear no paint!”  If you aren’t quite ready to paint, you can start slow (like I did) with the Meet Your Artist Within program.  Trust me, after you meet your artist you are going to want to “paint the town”.

*Special thanks to Sean Boyce Studios for allowing me to take pictures of how a “real” painter works.