Yoga Color

Something pointed me to yoga today.

First off, I’ll admit that I don’t do yoga on a regular basis.

Part of the yoga trending included Lululemon.  It came up in conversations yesterday and today so I thought I’d stop by the website and see if there was anything I could use for this post.

!!!!!!  Lululemon !!!!!

You had me at “shop by colour“.

Really?  No, REALLY?  An online store I can SERIOUSLY shop by color?  That just makes me happy!  Zen.  Who needs a downward facing dog?

I want all retail websites to use this model.  I want to shop by color, read by color, Facebook by color, blog by color. get the point.

So while there, I of course had to shop by “Aruba” and picked out a great pair of pants.

Maybe if I bought these I’d be inspired to go to a yoga class.  But, I need a yoga mat.

Oh how perfect!  My favorite colors.  This looks promising.

A little while later (while I was still sitting at the computer contemplating the benefits of yoga) I got a Twitter follow from a fellow Brooklyn artist.  I checked out his artistic domain of course.

Let me introduce you to  Orlando Dominguez.   Orlando creates beautiful art sculptures and to my surprise he had several yoga sculptures.  Here’s my favorite.

I won’t be trying this pose any time soon, but it WOULD color coordinate with that yoga gear…

I also discovered that Orlando designs furniture so I had to browse.  I mean after yoga I might need to sit or lie down…

This will do JUST fine.

I’ll be in my princess chair, “Bluesy Chictorian“, for the rest of the day if anyone is looking for me.  Oh and I’m going to put “Pink Chictorian” in the post for a friend of mine in Florida who celebrated her birthday today.  She is to pink what I am to the blues.

Thanks Orlando for the princess fantasy I plan to have ALL day today.  Your designs are fabulous!

I really had no idea yoga could be so colorful!  I’m so inspired….