A BIG Reveal: I FEAR Soap

Now it’s public: I have a problem with neurotic fear of bars of soap. There is little that disturbs me, grosses me out, or confuses me more than bars of soap. They are supposed to clean my hands….but my dirty hands, and other people’s dirty hands (!!!), are touching them and that dirt CAN’T magically disappear.

I was a Biology major when I first started out in college. I had dreams of being a doctor (I know…now I’m here taking pictures and talking about color and dirty soap…isn’t life beautiful!). I took Microbiology and I did all those experiments with cotton swabs and petri dishes. All I can say is YUCK!! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK…in a beautiful, awesome, intriguing science geek kinda way of course! But I don’t want to wash with a beautiful, awesome, intriguing “petri dish”.

Today, in my inbox, my fear was CURED! It magically disappeared (unlike the germs having a Rave on your bar of soap as you read this)!

If you share this fear, I’m going to cure yours too! I know! This is beyond exciting isn’t it? Imagine the possibilities…

Meet The Soap Flakes by Swiss designer Nathalie Staempfli 

A wall mounted soap bar shaver that gives me soap without starting a germ Rave. And according to Nathalie, it’s more eco-friendly than liquid soap because bar soap is more concentrated which means water isn’t used to produce it. Not to mention you can package bars of soap in paper instead of using plastic bottles. Germ free, phobia free, AND I get to be an eco-princess? FANTASTICAL!

And if this isn’t enough to change YOUR life…well get this. There is a shower version too.

A “pepper mill” + the shower = things you’d NEVER do together. Which is what makes this even more fun!

Who knew the idea of taking a pepper mill into the shower could CHANGE my life and rid me of fear.

I’ll let you know if I find out where to pick up a Soap Flake so we can all fearlessly twist and grind our way through bars of soap!

Thanks to DESIGN MILK for originally sharing this design.